Kazimiera Fudakowska

by George C. Fudakowski/Ford, Kazimiera's grandson

Kazimiera was born 1854 to Ludwik Lempicki and his second wife, Zofia Dunin-Wasowicz Lempicka. Kazimiera married Zygmunt Fudakowski. While living in Warsaw, they had five children:

• Zosia, born in 1872 or 1873, entered a convent, where she was known as Sister Maria Renata.
• Julia, or Juliet, was married without children and died around 1947.
• George was born in 1880 and had four children with two wives.
• Constance, or Kitty, born in 1886, was married with one daughter.
• Ludwika, or Louise, born in 1891, entered a convent with Zosia, where she was known as Sister Maria Leonia.

All the sisters were well educated, but Maria Renata and Leonia had the equivalent of full university degrees, spoke many languages, and had qualifications as teachers. Maria Renata wrote books and articles on religious subjects and art. Kitty was an accomplished pianist.

Kazimiera died in 1915. Her husband predeceased her.

Fudakowski-Krajewski family home